Easter Robots

If you think the Steampunk news is over, think again. Not only did Jim & Mary give Shawn a congratulatory Steampunk/Robot cake on Easter, with accompanying robot wind-up toys, but Ro-Bro (one of the Steampunk plays that Shawn appeared in) was chosen to be performed at a Steampunk convention in Nashua, and will also be filmed soon. As in a movie. As in digitally and permanently recorded. The Steampunk news will never end.

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Seacoast Spotlight Awards


After however-many nominations over the years (I’ve lost track), this past Thursday evening Shawn won Best Supporting Actor at the Seacoast Spotlight Awards in Portsmouth, NH.

He won for playing “multiple roles” in An Evening of Steampunk & Robot Theatre at the Players’ Ring in Portsmouth.

He appeared in five of the nine short plays, with five different and distinct characters and performances, so the recognition for that was really great. Except they spelled his name wrong on the stage.

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Unbeknownst to me until yesterday, the Spotlight Awards people were taking photos and videotaping. Their photo gallery is here (he’s photo # 36) and their video is below.

NH Media Makers — April 10, 2011

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