Newmarket Mills

And we’ve moved.

We’re now living on the New Hampshire seacoast in the Newmarket Mills, the newly-restored and now greenly-efficient mills that were originally built in 1825 on the Lamprey River (which has never flooded the building—we checked).

From one of our living room windows

The most fun part about this move was watching our unit be restored from the ground up.  In January our mill was empty, and construction had just begun:

I photographed the mill’s progress from the day we put the deposit down in April all the way through our moving-in the first few days of August:

Entire collection of mill photos

I spent most of my adult life in small NYC apartments with few windows that looked directly at brick walls. Now I have seven river-spanning windows, and watch heron, egrets, cormorants, hawks, seagulls, ducklings, pretty boats, and kayakers all day—an enormous life improvement.

Happy Summer to all!