Happy 50th Anniversary to Mom and Dad!

50th Anniversary

Today was the big day… and the celebrations will stretch across two months!

For Mom and Dad’s Golden Anniversary, we all took them out to dinner at the Bedford Village Inn where we enjoyed a delectable meal and good times. Afterward, we went back to the house where we had a champagne toast, and presented them with the 50th Anniversary proclamations that I requested from practically every elected official on the federal, state, and city levels. The idea wasn’t mine… I remembered my mom had completed the same endeavor for Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary. For this occasion, friend Moira was kind enough to create an anniversary presentation that was stupendous in its craftswomanship — she mounted every proclamation, decorated each one, and crafted a handmade and beautiful container for storing them all.

The weekend was a busy one, with Mother’s Day following the big 5-0 celebration. Shawn and I traditionally host Mother’s Day, and this year was no different, also incorporating an early birthday celebration for him since we were all together.

Now we eagerly await all your arrivals for the huge 50th Anniversary bash two weeks from now in Nashua. It will be a long weekend of great craic… with that Saturday being dedicated to mini-golfing, go-karting, and John’s 50th birthday celebration that night with a Glow Bowling party… and then on Sunday the 50th Anniversary extravaganza… and then on Monday sad farewells when it’s all over and guests return home to Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Chicago, and Seattle.

But then in June, the anniversary couple will continue their celebrations, with their two-week trip to England and Ireland. Happy 50th Anniversary!