Snow bunnies

Patrick and Mary emailed photos from Presidents’ Day weekend, and working in Safe Mode on my corrupted laptop I managed to add them here, with great difficulty. For the past six weeks or so, everything that has been feeding into the right column on this site has been coming from my smartphone. A new laptop is still a week or two away.

Our visitors arrived Saturday afternoon, and after lunch we headed out for some candlepin bowling, the New England style of bowling that I can never get used to. The visiting New Yorkers kept calling it “candlestick” bowling and I don’t blame them.

Me, Patrick, Mary, Mom, Samantha (front left), and Lauren (front right)

Sunday morning we drove to Nashoba Valley in Massachusetts where Sam and Lauren had an early-morning first-time ski lesson—they did great. (Video after the new laptop is purchased.) After a quick lunch it was time to hit the snow tubing lanes for a two-hour session on a sunny but very cold afternoon.

I believe this is me

Patrick, me, Shawn, Samantha, Lauren

Warm fireplace at the end of the day

Followed by lots of dessert


More Grammys for David

Some good news came during this snowy, stormy, treacherous, arctic blast winter—David cleaned up again at the Grammys two weeks ago.

My laptop caught a virus, so the news here is late while I use a different computer to update this site for the first time since early-January.

Michele wasn’t able to join David for the Grammy festivities because she had the flu, so there are no photos to share.

He won four more trophies, including Classical Producer of the Year once again (also winning it in ’04 and ’08), bringing his grand total to 10 Grammys sitting on their bookshelf.

In other news, we spent Presidents’ Day weekend snow tubing with visiting family from NYC, but those photos and videos getting posted will all depend on if I’m able to rid my laptop of its insidious virus, or whether I buy a new one. Since the infected equipment is more than six years old, I’m leaning toward buying a new one.

Hold on to your hats and be patient.