Here’s something I no longer see since living in NH — floaters. One morning I was standing on the Jersey-side outer-deck of the ferry, coffee in hand, still half-asleep, and as we docked into Whitehall I watched a police boat pull a body out of the water and onto the pier just below. It was a fascinating way to start the day, though nauseating, since the body was severely bloated. It was male, shirtless, and face-down.


Today’s Funny-of-the-Day

Beyond the Bog Road

Here is a promo piece for Eileen Ivers’ next project that she told us about in December, billed as “An Irish-American experience through music, dance, and film”. The beginning of the clip is her father-in-law reciting his own poem, taken from one of her CDs. Watching this, I can smell the turf burning in the hearth fires.

Sherwin Sleeves

This was the worst winter I’ve ever experienced in my life, so imagine how great it was to hear this piece on NH Public Radio by Sherwin Sleeves on Friday morning driving to work. I’m glad they have the audio link at the top of the page, because I just listened to it again.

What a great voice. My favorite line is “…I have seen the earth. It is doing well.” He also has his own site.