Woodstock (VT…not NY)

This was from June 27—at some point Flickr will be caught up to our summer weekend daycations.

This includes the Billings Farm & Museum (a working dairy farm), downtown Woodstock and its famous general store, the Quechee Gorge area including Quechee Gorge Village, and a toy museum we stumbled on.

Woodstock reminded me of Cooperstown, NY—in fact, it reminded me of a lot of places.

Click for photos from June 27, 2010


Bread & Puppet Theater Museum

Bread & Puppet Theater was always the highlight for me at each year’s Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. (Anyone else remember dancing behind the skeleton puppets and band onto 6th Avenue?) On Sunday we finally visited their homestead in Vermont. Prior to their once-weekly afternoon circus performance, we took part in the puppet museum tour in their barn.

Bread & Puppet Theater Circus

We wrapped up our weekend getaway with a beautiful day at The Divine Reality Circus Comedy and pageant, which made for colorful photo opportunities. Never thought in my life I’d see a puppet céile, included here in performance excerpts. And the camera jumping is due to me being dive-bombed by grasshoppers.