Successful Run

The kids from New Hampshire have returned from San Francisco where they had a grand ol’ time, bonding and traveling like the merry band of actors they are.

They even made it into the daily newsletter of the Fringe Festival…


We family and friends (and donors) were treated to a private performance last night in Nashua, where we saw the talented leading man do his thang.

Next up: their final performance, this time at the New England Theatre Conference in early-November in Waterville Valley, NH. So Mr. Lawrence can’t shave his beard yet. But he’s already trimmed it, and his hair… seven weeks from now it will once again be a suitable length for his dead-on historical literary portrayal.


Break a Leg


Very best wishes to the phenomenal cast and equally wonderful crew of A Strange Black Passion, as they all soon depart for the San Francisco Fringe Festival.