Clark’s Trading Post

We spent a delightful weekend in northern New Hampshire and Vermont on August 18 & 19. On Saturday we arrived in Franconia, New Hampshire, where we spent the morning at Clark’s Trading Post. Strange little place… a bit of Americana kitsch in the middle of Franconia Notch. It’s a tourist village in the White Mountains that includes a Russian family circus act, and mini-museums housing antique artifacts ranging from old cars, to sewing machines, to typewriters, to boardgames, to swords, to commemorative plates of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and Charles and Di’s wedding, to a display of the entire history of electricity, among other eclectic collections. They’re famous for their trained bear show which we boycotted because I can’t imagine the bears are too happy about it. It also has a train ride, a gravity-defying slanted house where things roll uphill, and an Old Man of the Mountain rock-climbing facade that Shawn scaled, reached the top and rang the bell, and rappelled back down. I’ve included photo descriptions here and there in this weekend collection.



Still at Clark’s, we took the train ride, where we encountered the Wolfman! Beware this bizarre toothless terror. He threatened us with an ax, a shotgun, and a rocket missile. We won the battle by shouting back at him “Scram, you old goat!“. That sure did learn him a lesson. We found out afterward that this particular Wolfman recently celebrated his 50th birthday.