Sketchy Santas book

Last year I submitted a photo to and they used it on their website. After the holidays they contacted me that they wanted to use the photo in a forthcoming book, so I said sure, completed their legal mumbojumbo, and promptly forgot about it until last week when they emailed me that the book is published, which I took to mean that my photo made the final cut.

Today during lunch I went to Barnes & Noble to peruse it and sure enough, the photo of me and my brother appears on page 53. I’m not responsible for the unfunny caption beneath the photo.

(And since last year, the website has been bought by the Fail Blog/Cheezburger people.)

For $10, the small paperback makes a cute stocking stuffer. I of course had to waive rights to any royalties to appear in the book—no money will be going into my pocket.

Happy Holidays to all!

Click here to order your Sketchy Santas book

Or just enjoy the photo without buying the book


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