Portsmouth Halloween Parade

Click for photos from October 31, 2010

Sometimes my point-and-shoot camera surprises me—the photo above has a Sleepy Hollow kind-of-feel to it.

We spent Halloween at the parade in Portsmouth, NH to see the Thriller Zombie Dance. We first saw them back in April at the Seacoast Spotlight Awards and that night found out they have a yearly gig in the parade, so made sure to get there this year to see them do their stuff, and they didn’t disappoint. They performed a few times across the parade route and we snaked our way through the route and caught their act a few times.

Big chops to the Zombies and everyone who appeared in the parade because it was a freezing cold night—insanely windy with a wind chill in the 20’s—and they all survived. We were bundled up but still extremely cold—none of their costumes seemed warm.

Here’s the Thriller Zombie dance in Market Square—not a well-lit area, so a bit dark…

Here’s the tail-end of the dance on well-lit State Street, and us running into theatre colleague/zombie Brandon…

Here are other musical acts…


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