Franconia Notch

From August 8–11 we were camping in Franconia Notch, NH.

Gorgeous scenery, lots of nature, and many, many beautiful waterfalls.

Click for Franconia Notch photos from August 8-11, 2010

Shawn wanted to do a side trip to Six Gun City—we’d never been, and he had wanted to visit there for his birthday in May but they weren’t open for the season yet, so we made the trip this time since we were in the area.

It reminded me of the now-defunct Carson City that my family and I used to visit in the Irish Catskills during our summer vacations when I was kid. Except Carson City employed adult actors to play the sheriff, bank robber, and judge, and used real horses for its carriage rides and chase scenes. Six Gun City seems to be run by 14-year-olds—we didn’t encounter an adult employee (or a real horse) during our visit.

It was a wee bit sad—it opened in 1957 and the upkeep is shabby. The little kids running around were of course having a blast and probably didn’t notice or care about the shabbiness, but from an adult perspective it left me wondering what the owners are doing with the money earned from our steep admission fee.

Click for Six Gun City photos from August 9, 2010


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