Mets. vs. Marlins

On Friday, June 4, I drove Mom to NYC to accompany her to a wedding that weekend. Luckily for me, the Mets were on a homestand, so couseen Mary and I treated ourselves to VIP seats for the game on Saturday, June 5.

I only get to one game per year, and for this one we decided to go hog-wild because we could. They were once-in-a-lifetime tickets thanks to their price, but we were finally able to experience the VIP seating behind home plate, with access to the private club located behind the press box.

Get too hot watching the game? Escape to the private club for some air conditioning. The cushioned VIP game seats are still not comfy enough? Escape to the private club for a more cushy, more comfy couch. Tired of squinting in the sun? Escape to the private club and watch the game on a high-def flatscreen TV. That was livin’. And we’ll never experience a Mets game quite the same way again.

The professional photographers managed to seek us out again, twice. Happens every time lately. We’re in the sixth row in this gallery, and we’re in the ninth row in this gallery.

The Mets defeated the Marlins, 6-1, with D-Wright hitting a two-run homer, and Ike Ike Baby going 4-4 on the day.

When you release two goofball Mets fans in Queens for the day, this is what you get.


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