Seacoast Spotlight Awards

Click for photos from April 15, 2010

A few weeks ago, Shawn was nominated for another acting award, this time for the Seacoast Spotlight Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Leslie in Edward Albee’s “Seascape” which was performed in Portsmouth last November. This nomination was a different from his NH Theatre Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Larry in Lanford Wilson’s “Burn This” which was performed in Nashua last May. Those awards were in February, and he wound up not winning that one, but we also wound up not going to those awards because they can never seem to produce an evening that lasts under four hours, and having suffered serious hiney-fatigue at previous NH Theatre Awards ceremonies, we opted out this year.

But the Seacoast Spotlight Awards were new to us, so this past Thursday evening we went to the ceremony at The Music Hall in Portsmouth. But he didn’t win again. But that was okay, because even though this awards ceremony was also a hiney-fatigue-causing marathon, it was an enjoyable evening of seacoast-area artists.

The Seacoast Spotlight Awards expand outside the theatre community to the visual arts, chefs, and musicians. It was a nice overview of the arts scene out there, and I really liked one of the music winners who also performed, folk singer Nate Laban. And Portsmouth’s community radio station was hooked up for a live simulcast of the evening.

We stayed to the end because the finale was going to be 40 zombies dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. You can’t pass that up. These 40 zombies were apparently the big hit of last year’s Halloween Parade in Portsmouth, so they were invited to perform at the awards. Their entrance was from the back of the theatre down the aisles to the front, attacking audience members on the way, before they got onstage and did a kick-ass choreographed rendition of Thriller—it was a ton of fun, and their makeup and costumes were great. My camera flash didn’t want to cooperate, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t get a decent photo of them. In fact, I only took a handful of photos during the evening.

Shawn appeared in two plays last year, and received nominations for both, so kudos to him.


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