Five years wed

Click for photos from March 20, 2010

From last weekend—we’re keeping up the tradition of visiting the Ogunquit area in Maine for both our wedding and dating anniversaries (March and September).

Normally when we make the March trip it’s bitter cold and too windy to walk the Marginal Way from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove, but this year the universe gave us a 70+ degree day on our five-year anniversary, so we enjoyed the early-summer-like weather. Then it was on to Portsmouth, and after a quick Houdini-like change of clothes in the car in the parking garage, a great dinner.

On our post-dinner (still mild) stroll through an unusually crowded Portsmouth (thanks to the balmy weather), we stumbled on International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Four amateur astronomers had their huge telescopes set up in Market Square, and we were able to view the moon in super-close-up—but the highlight was one of the telescopes being directed at Mars.

Mars, ladies and gentlemen. We were able to view Mars on our five-year anniversary. Hooray to the universe.


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