October’s meme

From Tuesday, October 27th.

1. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Banana and a plain unadorned bagel.

2. Are you color-coordinated today? Black blouse, black sweater, tan Dockers, black socks and black shoes. I wouldn’t necessarily call that color-coordinated.

3. What is the book you’re reading now? Mrs. Woolf and the Servants: An Intimate History of Domestic Life in Bloomsbury.

4. What is the book you read before that one? Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.

5. What is the last music you downloaded? Sufjan Stevens from Jim’s music sharing site.

6. If you have a significant other, when was the last time you kissed “her”/”him”/”it”? This morning before “he” left for work.

7. If you have a pet, when was the last time you kissed “her”/”him”/”it”? This morning before I left for work.

8. When was the last time you did laundry? Six days ago.

9. What do you do to pay the bills? Work endlessly on an academic library website.

10. How many siblings do you have? One too many. Kidding. I’ll be here all week.

11. When was the last time you partayed? My uncle’s 80th birthday in NYC in September.

12. What is your Halloween costume? Nothing that I’m aware of.

13. Have you ever seen a ghost? On I-293 last winter.

14. Have you ever served in the military? Nay.

15. Have you ever fired a gun? Nay.

16. What are your dinner plans for tonight? Late dinner at home because I have an appointment after work.

17. What will you be eating? Probably some high-protein-grilled-chicken something.

18. When was the last time you ate a sub? I’ve never eaten a submarine. I have, however, eaten a hero, as recently as August.

19. What will you be eating for breakfast tomorrow? Banana and a plain unadorned bagel.

20. What will you be eating for lunch today?
Who’s the schizoid who created this questionnaire? Just finished turkey with light mayo on multi-grain bread, and an apple.

21. Will you be raking your own leaves or hiring someone? You assume I’m a homeowner. Our landlord’s crew takes care of the leaf-raking for the apartment complex.

22. Have you ever stepped in wet cement? I’m fairly careful about where I place my footins, so, no.

23. Have you ever painted a fireplug? If you mean a fire hydrant, yes, on our block, for the ’76 Bicentennial.

24. What’s your favorite season? Baseball season, until two teams that I abhor meet for the World Series, such as this year, in which case I won’t be watching, so my favorite season has concluded for 2009.

25. Have you ever been in a car accident? When a dizzy woman made a left turn into my car’s passenger door, yes.

26. Broken bones? Not from the car accident, but I suffered simultaneous broken arms from a bicycle accident in 1978.

27. Have you ever erected a fence? No, but as a kid I had a Tom Sawyer moment by painting our backyard fence. I volunteered and to this day don’t know why.

28. Pen or pencil? Pencil, as long as it has an eraser.

29. Have you ever won a contest? In kindergarten I consistently won at Simon Says and had many gold-starred ribbons to show for it.

30. i-Phone? No thanks. Keeping it clutter-free.


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