U2 in Foxboro

On Sunday, September 20, the Macs and I headed down to Gillette Stadium. It was great to see the boys perform live again, but I’m never thrilled with outdoor stadium extravaganzas because they don’t feel intimate and spiritual, and the spaceship set design was a monstrosity.

And they did not perform Pride.

No Pride.

Pride was absent.

I was disappointed in the set list a few times—I can always do without hearing With or Without You—and One—and Elevation—but I was thrilled they brought back Unforgettable Fire.

The sound system in our section was really great and all the songs from the new CD were equally great—but the reigning champ of turning-the-crowd-into-a-frenzy still belongs to Where the Streets Have No Name.

Jim sent me the link to this crazily thorough website with more information than you can shake a stick at—here’s the set list—

U2 set list for Gillette Stadium on September 20

And to the best of my recollection at the moment, here’s my personal concert history—

Mag’s 25-year personal concert history following this little band from Dublin

Jaysus—the concert-going began in 1984 when I was just about to turn 19 years old, and they were in their early 20’s—being a fan started a few years before that—that’s 25+ years of growing into adulthood alongside them.

The Vertigo tour in Boston in May ’05 is still the best night I’ve ever had with them. Partly because it had been a long eight years since I’d seen them prior, partly because it was at Boston’s Fleet Center which is a perfect indoor venue for them, and partly because they love playing the Boston area—they still talk about Boston discovering them on this side of the pond. That night, they played (all or part of) Stories for Boys, Electric Co., The Ocean, and they closed with 40.

Have I mentioned that it took me three hours to get home from Foxboro and that I didn’t arrive in my comfy bed until 2:15 am and then had to be at work the next day at 8:00 am, thanks to no current vacation time? Yeah, I’m grumpy about the enormous traffic and the trek. I’m now boycotting Gillette Stadium as a venue. But will I try to get tickets if they return to Boston’s Fleet Center? Of course.

Click for photos

Click for photos


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