On August 26 we went with Jim and Kevin to see the Binghamton Mets play the NH Fisher Cats in Manchester. It was a beautiful night for minor league baseball. I make sure to attend at least one game for every Fisher Cats homestand against the B-Mets, but this season the B-Mets only played one series in NH—odd, that.

In past years it’s been fun watching the top Mets prospects play in Manchester—Mike Jacobs, Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez—all players the Mets promoted to the Big Show within a short time of my seeing them in NH—and, as we know, all players that the Mets then traded. Last week it was Fernando Martinez (who’s still only 19 years old), Ambiorix Concepcion, veteran Al Reyes pitching in relief (who was called up to the big leagues today), and poor Mike Carp, who’s been stuck playing AA ball for the past few years that I’ve been living in NH and going to B-Mets games.

Thanks to my internal connections at the college, I always get the college’s season tickets—they’re great seats—second row behind the visitor dugout. Toward the end of the game we moved further down because the stadium had emptied, to second row off the field adjacent to the dugout.

In the eighth inning it became a tied game, and the Fisher Cats won with a run scored in the bottom of the ninth—a controversial play because it looked like the Fisher Cat player never touched home plate.


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