Wasn’t it grand

Once again the Clubhouse at Kessler Farm was the perfect location for a Memorial Day Weekend family bash in Nashua.

Thanks again to everyone for making the trip from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Chicago, and Seattle! The weather was perfectly stunning and the entire weekend was incredibly joyous.

All the videos and photos are complete and have been uploaded to my YouTube and Flickr accounts; below are the navigable links for all.

For starters, here’s a 50th anniversary party slideshow with music…

…to partner the music slideshow for John’s 50th birthday bowling party from Saturday night. It was a great idea to combine the two events into one family-packed weekend.

Next up, we’re Dancing with the Stars, where Uncle Big Jim made his dance cameo.

Our outstanding video finale is Grace and Patrick starring in Mad Hot Ballroom.

Now the still photos…

Saturday was busy! Guests were still arriving, we were go-karting and mini-golfing during the day, and bowling in the evening.

Sunday of course was the par-tay day.

And on Monday the par-tay continued.

And we’re still partying with all of you, in our hearts.


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