We made our yearly trip to Maine for our anniversary and this time were met with winds from another planet. We safely watched the sandstorm from the confines of the car, while other people made the endeavor down to the beach. Even the seagull was finding the wind to be a challenge.

This year we made stops in Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, and Portland, while once again using the Grey Gull Inn in Wells as home base for the weekend. Clicking on each photo will bring you the larger size, or you can use the slideshow feature.

It was my first full day in Portland and I was surprised at how they must have a large Scandinavian community, considering they have not one, but two “Simply Scandinavian” stores — one store for food, and another store for everything else. We shopped in the food store, and then yesterday dined on Norwegian fjord smoked salmon, lingonberry spread, gjetost cheese, and lefse.

On Saturday we had lunch in Bull Feeney’s overlooking Portland and the harbor… an Irish saloon from the 1880s, complete with a snug and a pot belly stove.

We also hit a license plate gold mine for Michael — a nautical Maine souvenir shop was selling, oddly enough, stacks of plates from across the country (along with railroad spikes… and horseshoe nails… you name the non-nautical oddity, they had it).

Other than the winds from another planet, it was a beautiful weekend, with sunrises over the ocean at the inn, and seals basking on sunny rocks while we had breakfast.

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