Thank you everyone


I appreciate all your thoughts and condolences about BunnyGirl more than you know. She was a beautiful girl and now she’s in a more beautiful place. She was my whole world, and I told her that every day of her enriched life.

I was blindsided by the sudden decline in her final week; when the meds seemed to work for the first few weeks, I really thought it was going to keep her going for awhile. I’m grateful that she was never in any pain. She was just so very tired.

I used vacation time beginning that Wednesday, through the rest of the week. For the last few days, she never left the bedroom, and laid on our bed, under the quilt. I never left her side except for work on that Monday and Tuesday, but even then I left early so I could get home to her quicker. The bedroom and our bed turned into a hospice, and we gave her all the love and comfort we had in us. I laid with her under the quilt 24/7, making sure to always be either caressing her or touching her.

Now she’s gone, and there really are no words for my heartache. Having been through this before with Smokey, I know that only time will heal, but even then I won’t ever forget how much I miss her, and how much it hurts. Before she passed, I gave her kisses from everyone, telling her who each kiss was from. I thanked her for all the joy and comfort she gave me for more than seventeen years, and I asked her to not forget me, and to come visit me in my dreams.

Shawn used vacation time that Thursday and Friday, and the day after she passed we took a drive because I needed to see the ocean. I chose Hampton Beach in NH, rather than Maine, and I found it curious that I wanted to stay on the small NH seacoast, when I love the beaches in Maine so much. As we were strolling down to the water, Shawn glanced down and picked up a small, broken shell in the shape of a heart. I knew it was a gift from her, and I knew then that I had chosen that beach for a good reason.

The next morning I woke to a dream where she had come to visit me. In the dream, I was sitting in the living room and she happily strolled in, gave me her big hello chirp, and jumped into my lap. I was so happy to see her and hold her again, but I knew it was just a visit, and that I was going to have to let her go again. Always the good girl, always the sweetheart, always the angel, she gave me both a gift and a visit within two days.

BooBear has shown signs of missing her; on a few occasions I found him sniffing under her favorite chair looking for her, and sniffing inside closets, and then looking for her inside her bunny hut. He seems needy, curled up in our laps all the time, and following us from room to room. We love him to pieces, and we’re giving him 200% comfort and attention, and he seems to be adjusting well enough.

Of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of her over the years, I’ve posted a small selection, all taken between June and December 2007.

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